Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Man Kills Lover In A Hotel In Lagos, Left Her Lifeless Body In The BushAnd Took Off !

A27-year-old lady, Miss Ijeoma Nwachukwu, has been murdered by her boyfriend in a hotel at the Satellite Town area of Lagos. Her body was dumped in a bush in the area. Daily Sun investigation revealed that Miss Nwachukwu, who assisted her foster mother in operating a restaurant in Festac Town, resided at Number 1, Comweb Street, Ijegun, Imore area of Satellite in Lagos and had been in a four-year relationship with a young man, one Christian, who resides at Teddy town, Mowo in Satellite town.

Christian, it was gathered, works as an apprentice spare parts seller inside the Trade Fair Complex, Lagos, and has two more years to complete his stewardship.
It was gathered that Miss Nwachukwu had informed his boyfriend that she was getting married to another man and that she might not be seeing him again. It was further gathered that on the fateful day, the boyfriend had called up Miss Nwachukwu and given her a little keg containing some liquid substance, which he requested her to keep for him. Later that evening, he was said to have called her again and asked her to meet him under the Trade Fair Complex Bridge.

When he noticed that she was accompanied by her friend, identified as one Miss Joy, Christian allegedly insisted that she should send her friend away and meet him at Cossy Inn, a hotel located at Abule Osun in Satellite town, Lagos. According to police sources, Miss Nwachukwu was said to have complied with Christian’s instruction and went to the hotel to wait for him. The couple, it was gathered, met along the road, from where they both walked back to the hotel, bought some drinks and got a room in the hotel.

According to police investigation, Christian opened the bottle of Malt drink and sent her out to pick something at the reception. But before her return, he had poured the contents in the jerry can, which the police suspected to be electrolyte acid, into her drink. On her return, he allegedly had sex with the lady. Minutes later, she complained of stomach pains and was reeling in pains and then collapsed. Police investigation revealed that Christian, on noticing the result of his action, took the container and hurried out of the hotel, after informing the receptionist that his lady was dressing up. He allegedly quickly boarded a motorbike and left the hotel premises.

The reporters gathered that a few minutes later, the receptionist discovered the lifeless body of the lady, who had been vomiting blood. She was said to have invited the hotel owner, one Mr. Sango Olusegun Tumo. Olumo then allegedly called his brother, one Kehinde Ajibola. The two, it was gathered, later decided not to involve the police. They allegedly removed the body from the hotel and dumped it in a nearby bush.

Police investigation further revealed that the brother of the hotelier provided his vehicle for the evacuation of the body to the bush while the receptionist was directed to clean up the room.

Some members of the public, who saw the lifeless body of the lady later made a report to the police. That was said to have prompted an investigation. A team of detectives, led by an assistant commissioner of police, ACP Okoro, and other officers, including the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Onireke Police Station, was raised to unravel the incident.

A few days after recovering the corpse, relatives of the missing lady then contacted the police. The body, which was deposited in the mortuary, was shown to her relatives who confirmed that she was the person
they were looking for. Sequel to their confirmation, the police commenced a preliminary investigation but found nothing incriminating at the hotel. The deceased’s friend, Miss Joy, was later picked up and she it was that helped to reveal the identity of the suspected killer.

Christian had allegedly concluded plans to travel out of Lagos when he was nabbed on his way to the office, it was gathered. When Daily Sun visited the hotel, activity was at a low ebb. The security guard informed the reporters that the owner of the facility was with the police.

ACP Okoro, in a chat with our reporters, confirmed the story, adding that only the Lagos State Police Commissioner, Prince Umar Manko, could give details of the story. The commissioner later confirmed the story, adding: “We have arrested all those behind the crime. This is like another Cynthia case.”

While commending members of the public for their cooperation with the law enforcement agency, the police boss said his men would continue to live up to the people’s expectation.



  1. what is this world really turning into?God we are in ur hands oo

  2. I guess the dumb guy didn't think his girlfriend's friend would know he was the last person she was with.
    For him sick mind, the girl don maga him tire and wan fashy am so his decision was to off her.
    Well thank God he was caught. He should be ready to face the consequence

  3. OMG, this story is really true, I once overheard two girls discussing the story when I visited my friend in satellite town. Ladies are very very ungrateful, a guy would take his time for gud four years to spend his entire savings for u, only for u to come back and break his heart. SHE DESERVES IT

  4. Why did the hotel management get themselves involved in it.R.I.P young lady

  5. This is why Relationships should be clearly defined! Stuffs like this will keep happening until we understand that relationships should be for adults; those who are ready to settle down! I don't wana cry but the tears won't stop. How cruel and wicked can men(male and female) be. I cry for her mother, for her family and for humanity

  6. I be Typical Naija Boi6 February 2014 at 11:32

    the only thing I can deduce from this story is DAT an IBO man killed an IBO woman in yorubaman's territory......daz all

  7. Chai! A human live has just been wasted? What sort of trust and love made her go the whole yard with an ex yet again meanwhile, he isn't worth marrying or waited for? So sad. Nne, RIP. It is indeed a sad occurence. And the guy slept with her after infusing her with acid? Chai! Not healthy at all.

  8. What a sad story! Some men are heartless

  9. What a sad story! Some men are heartless


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