Friday, 1 May 2015

5 Ways To Make A Nigerian Lady Marry You

1. Are you a fine boy? Forget all you've heard, the truth is NIGERIAN GIRLS LOVE HANDSOME MEN. Though many do end up with not-too-handsome dudes, and it's not their fault. A lot of good-looking Nigerian men rely more on their looks and invest little in character and other qualities. 'Ugly men' on the other hand invest a lot in character,wealth and other qualities unrelated to their physicaL appearance. If you are a good-looking guy,but also focused more on character, making good money, God etc, A Nigerian girl will pick you ahead others.

2. Be Bold and Blunt: This may sound ridiculous, but a Nigerian single lady will register a total stranger in her subconscious if he walks up to her from nowhere and says, "I think I want to marry you". This does not mean she'll say "Yes" or that you (the stranger) won't get a dirty slap (very unlikely though), she'll most probably laugh, hiss and walk away. This scenario is in the event that you met her at a random public location. If you met this Nigerian lady say in her office, and told her you want to marry her from day one...with subsequent, persistent and follow up visits, she'll say "Yes" in 3 to 6 months.

3. Let your first date be in her parents house: when you've seen a Nigerian lady that you want to marry visit her in her parents or guardian's house first before taking her out to cinemas, malls, beach etc. If she's not staying with parents or guardians, insist on meeting them first (even if dem dey village) . This move/gesture has a psychological effect on Nigerian ladies, makes them let down their guards and take you VERY SERIOUSLY.

4. Ensure your current house is at least a 2 bedroom flat with no male squatters. When a serious Nigerian lady comes to visit you, and she meets a mini-flat with mattresses on the floor and one or two of your guys wearing boxers and 'hailing' her, chances of her marrying you diminishes by 60%. If a more serious suitor walks into her life at that moment,and he lives ALONE in a 2 or 3 bedroom flat, SHE WILL MARRY HIM.

5. If she's already wearing another man's engagement ring then your chances are brighter: Yes, this is a very controversial point but Nigerian ladies that are already engaged tend to be very vulnerable, relationship wise; they tend to feel as though being on the edge of a cliff and waiting for a 'reasonable voice' to tell them "DON'T JUMP". You can end up being that 'reasonable voice' when you fall in love with a Nigerian lady that is already engaged to another man. Hey, she hasn't said "I do" yet, hence all is fair in love and war. If you really love her, take advantage of her vulnerable state of being engaged and sell yourself as a better product. SHE WILL LISTEN and there's a 49% chance that she'd say "Yes" to you. 49% is NOT a bad probability ratio at all considering the circumstances.


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  1. Interesting but what happens after the marriage?


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