Friday, 7 November 2014

My Girlfriend always cry eachtime we kiss

Dear ITWABERS, Please, I need a serious advice on this matter, I have been dating this girl for 2weeks now. And I love her very much but my problem is that anytime we finish kissing she will start crying.. This has happened 5times now and when I asked her, she didn't give me any convincing answer. Please, I need mature advice on this !!!!. Thank you


  1. weird.. are u using any cream that has onions or what?

  2. she's crying cause she pity your life may be she has HIV and she thinks the more kiss u give her the higher way u contact the disease. loooool

  3. Lol....ur story's quite funny.
    Is she cheatin on some1 wit u? Cos i guess her tears is due to guilt.
    If its not dat, den maybe she's tryin 2 appear innocent b4 u'll tink she's a gud girl. As in tryin 2 mk u believe dat she feels very bad kissin u just afta 2wks.
    Infact i'll bet on pretense and not guilt cos it has happened 5 times.

    By d way, didnt know pple keep count of kisses.

  4. Your girlfriend has an inappropriate affect (very common). Sometimes when people are so happy they are overcome with emotions and cry. The stranger occurrence is when people laugh at funerals or other sad events. Although you have kissed 5 times, maybe she is still getting accustomed to having someone showing her affection. Her happiness translates to tears because you embody the realization of her dream of finding true love. In my opinion 2 weeks is very soon to be considered "love", but I guess only you two would know.

  5. 1) Maybe she has made a promised never to kiss till marriage.2) maybe she is betraying her trusted lover.3) maybe u pleased her well, so it can be tears of joy.4) Maybe she is going contrary to her parents advice. or she don't like u but she is forcing her self to manage u

  6. Check if she has sore in her mouth cos the more you kiss her the more you inflict more pain to her and thereby making her to cry.

    Or do you bite her tongue when kiss?


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